Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Broken Bone

So Thatcher got his first broken bone on Sunday. We were out at my inlaws house for sunday dinner and we were watching the 49ers game when we heard Thatcher start to cry. He was downstairs with all the other kids. When we went to get him we could tell that he hurt himself but it didn't look like he broke anything, but after an hour of crying we decided something was really wrong because if you know Thatcher it usually takes him about 5 seconds to get over getting hurt. So we decided to go to the ER and sure enough he fractured his arm. It wasn't a bad break so the doctor said that he should only need a splint and he should only have to wear it for a few weeks. After asking Thatcher and the cousins what happened we are pretty sure that he fell down the stairs. He is definitively his fathers son. Karson has had to many concussions to count and 2 broken bones, I have never broken a bone or had any concussions that I know of. He has been a trooper about it he tells everyone he got a big band-aid from falling down the stairs :)!!!!!!!