Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it April already?

So I realized that I haven't updated our blog in a few months, so I thought that I should put a post and update everyone on whats going on with us. Thatcher is growing like a weed he just keeps getting taller all the time. Its funny how he grows, he will start to get a little chunky all around for a little while then all the sudden he will start to look really skinny and I will notice that all of his pants have become high waters on him :)!!! He has started to talk really well which has been so much fun cause he has started to say those really funny things that kids say :)!!! A few weeks ago I got him from his room and we were walking into the living room and he goes and sits down by the wall and I ask him what he is doing and he replies "I'm in time out mommy" it was so funny!!!! Another thing he does and when I hurt myself he will always as me "Are you ok mommy" and I will say "yes" and he will say "ok good". Its so cute he is so fun to have around and theres never a dull moment, he has so much energy I can't always keep up.

Oaklee is growing up so fast as well not quite as fast as Thatcher is but she is still growing. She is a little on the petite side. I took her to her 9 month appointment about a month ago and she weighed 14 lbs and 15 ozs. She was always in the 10% for her weight but this last time she fell of the charts completely which was so different than Thatcher he was always on the bigger side :)!!! But she is as healthy and happy as can be. She started crawling at about 7 1/2 months. She finally got her first tooth about 2 weeks ago and she said her first word yesterday "momma" I was very excited :)!!! She is so sweet. She is defiantly her mothers daughter. My mom use to tell me these stories of when I was a baby and how I would never sleep I wouldn't take naps and I would want to be up all the time playing. Well Oaklee is very similar, thank goodness she sleeps pretty good at night but during the day I am lucky to get a 1 hour nap once a day. Thatcher will nap better then Oaklee does :)!!!! But she is always happy and she does always want to play.

Karson is getting so close to being done with residency. He finishes as the end of June, then we are moving back to Idaho. It has gone by so fast but it really has been such a blessing for our family. All the places we have moved and the friends that we have made have changed our lives for the better. We have learned so much. We were newly weds when we moved to California and it was the first time I had ever lived outside of Pocatello. It was hard to leave our families behind and start new but it made our relationship so much stronger and I learned so much about myself and grew so much as a person. Then we moved to Salt Lake and I was pregnant with Thatcher and we started all over again, with all new experiences. Then we came to Chicago and I realized that no matter how much I move and no matter where we go there are a few things that never change. The first one is that I will always have Karson and my sweet children. The second thing is that I will always have the gospel in my life. The church has made it so much easier to move because we know that every time we move we will have family wherever we go that we can count on. We have met so many wonderful people throughout the years and I am so grateful to everyone that reached out to us to befriend us. I am looking forward to moving back to Idaho but I will miss all the places we have been. I am so grateful for the life that I have and all the wonderful people who have been apart of it!!!!!