Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom Moments

So today I had one of those moments that you are so irritated when it happens but after its all over it is a really funny story. I was giving Thatcher a bath cause he loves baths and he wanted to take one. I was in the other room getting something when I hear him start to cry so I run in and he is trying to get out of the bath and hes saying yucky.

So I walk up to the bath and it is full of poop water. Yes he pooped and it was all over the place. So I pulled him out and he ran off and I started to try and clean it up, then Thatcher comes back in the bathroom and he points out the door and he says yucky. So I go out to the living room and he has pooped on the floor, so first I put his diaper on and continue to clean and sanitize the floor and the tub. When I'm all done I get Thatcher and I put him back in the tub so I can get him all cleaned up.

Once hes clean I just start draining the water but hes still in the tub playing so I'm sitting next to the bath and the next thing I hear is "Yucky!" Yes once again he pooped in the clean tub. So I once again cleaned and sanitized the tub. After it was all done I just looked at my cute little boy and laughed.