Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Couponing is the Best!!!!

So I have started to really get into couponing lately and I was so excited about the deals I got this wee at Kmart I decided to blog about it. Kmart is having double coupon week where for this whole week they will double up to $2 a coupon 5 per day. So I have gone the last 3 days to get stuff, now because I live in the Chicago area there is a Kmart coupon out that lets you get $10 off a $20 purchase but this is only valid in certain areas like Chicago and New York. So here is what I have gotten so far 2 packages of huggies, 1 package of pampers, balmex, head & shoulder shampoo and conditioner, 2 dove deodorants, degree girl deodorant, right guard deodorant, 2 Ziploc containers, windex all purpose cleaner, olay quench body lotion, 2 packages of Tampax pearl, bobby pins, 2 cover girl eyeshadows, q-tips, and revlon finger nail files. The price of the merchandise is about $95, out of pocket I have spent $23.59 and I get to send in for $20.87 in mail-in rebates so I will get everything here for $2.72!!!!! Isn't that the coolest thing ever. Kmart is doing this for the rest of the week so if you are interested in doing any of this you can go to google and search under blogs and put in kmart deals and there are tons of blogs that tell you how to do this and where to get the coupons, but like I said I had that extra coupon to sweeten the deals but there are lots of things that you can get for free with just the double couponing. I'm planning on going back at least two more times to get some more stuff. Its crazy how much money you can save couponing and Kmarts got great deals this week but I know that Alberstons does double couponing as well and my sisters gets some really great deals there, we don't have an Alberstons here is Chicago so I miss out on their deals. I have saved so much money since I have started to watch for deals I would be suprised if I ever pay the full price for diapers ever again they always have coupons and someone always seems to have deals on them. I was so excited I just had to tell everyone Happy Couponing :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


D and A said...

That rocks!!!

Laurie said...

Cool I'm totally going to try it!

Arvidsons said...

Couponing is the best! I have a few websites/blogs that I am addicted to because of the amazing deals they find. Nothing feels better than getting a lot of stuff for almost nothing.