Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thatchers 1 year Birthday

Heres Thatcher getting ready to blow out his candle.
Here is Thatcher opening one of his gifts.
Thatcher is feeling the pjs that grandma gave him.
Thatcher is reading a book that he got from his cousin Britain.
Now its time for the cake and yes he is just looking at it.

I put his fingers in the frosting to try to get him to try it and hes eating the frosting but he still wont touch the cake by himself.

I ended up just holding the cake up to his mouth so he would eat it and he loved it he almost ate the whole piece.
Here is the shot of he cute little face after he was done.

Here he is in the bath tub getting all cleaned up.
This is uncle dustin eating cake.
Here is Koree, Ezra, Andee, Grandma, Kayt, and Ascha.
Here is Krista and Adam eating birthday cake.
Here is little Zuleka making a funny face.
Here is Amos and Britatin posing for a picture.

Thatcher turned 1 on January 14th and we had a big party for him. He is getting so big its crazy how fast the time goes. He says a bunch of words like mama, dada, daddy, whats that, thank you, Thatcher, boom boom (which is his favorite book chicka chicka boom boom), bow, and many more that I cant think of. He goes to the doctor today for his checkup so I'm not quite sure how big he is but hes gotten really heavy at least he feels heavy and he looks pretty tall so we will see.
He can walk with help either by holding his hands or with the walking toy so I think that we probably have another month or so and he will be walking all by himself.

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Jenny Cook said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I can't believe he is a year already. What a cutie!!!