Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So we have move to Chicago. I finally have everything pretty much unpacked. We love it here, and to be honest I am kinda surprised that I like it so much. When Karson first decided that he wanted to go to Chicago I was a little hesitant but I prayed about it and I remember feeling that everything was going to be ok so I told him to go for it and it has been the best decision. He loves his program he has already seen all these surgies and he comes home happy and excited from work every day. He cant wait to call his dad and tell him all the new things he saw that day its so cute. Then theres our apartment I've never lived anywhere that felt so much like a home and not an apartment its so nice to want to come home everyday. The area is really nice me and Thatch go for walks and go to the park its crazy I thought that moving to Chicago would be really scary (which there are scary parts) but where we live it is really nice and its only about 10-15 mintues aways from Karsons work which is great, cause if any of you know Karson very well you will know how much he hates traffic and comuting :). So moving here really has been a blessing for our little family. Well I promised Toni that I would put pictures of our apartment up so here they are:


The Shelton Family said...

I Absolutely love thee apartment way CUTE!

Laurie said...

Looks like a great place to settle.
I don't know I think I liked Detroit better, only for selfish reasons:)

D and A said...

SHUT UP!! This place is sooo awesome! Bet you are loving it! How much do you pay? Or maybe I don't want to know cause it will make me cry! Lol